Three reasons one should go for MBA

You are a qualified IT professional with a work experience of 10+ years. So far the journey has been quite exciting for you and the career graph attained new heights of success every three years. However, the situation seems to be a little tough now. Not only the growth rate decelerates, but there is a threat from newcomers as well. What is the remedy for it? Rejuvenate the charm and thrill of professional life by Pursuing MBA in Karnataka. Many professionals are following the path, and it has been the ultimate key to happiness for everyone!

Why do people prefer MBA after a long gap?

Well, there are two types of professionals. The first category of professionals completes their MBA along with technical degree and then step into the professional world. Though they are late entrants, they do not face any hurdle in the path of success afterward. The second category of people enters professional world after completing the technical degree (BE or MCA in IT). They climb organization ladder pretty fast, but face bottleneck later, as mentioned above. They feel the need of acquiring MBA degree for further growth. Apart from this, there are three major drivers for Pursuing MBA in Karnataka.

  • They want to switch career: It is a fact, that business schools make a person effective by transforming the personality. They teach the way of handling situations, managing people and organizing the teams. When professionals want to switch the career, they need full command at MBA degree builds that confidence. Since the degree course talks about salient aspects of financial management, organizational behavior, and management accounting. It also teaches the concepts of marketing management, advertizing and product development. All these skills help when people change jobs.
  • When it is a professional demand: It could be either a demand from the existing company or the company they are looking for. If MBA is the minimum eligibility criteria, then people want to attain it as early as possible.
  • They reach the maximum height: When employees hit the ceiling, there is no alternative than acquiring additional skills. Once an employee reaches a level where he enjoys the maximum salaries, perks and job responsibility in his cadre, there is no scope for further growth. To climb further, they have to raise the bar. Pursuing MBA in Karnataka is the best way of it.

These three driving forces motivate people attend MBA course.

The MBA colleges in Karnataka offers highly standard education compared to other states in India. Moreover the state has plenty of job opportunities for management graduates.

How does extensive networking help in building a career in business management?

Surely, students attending the full-time MBA course from Prominent MBA colleges Bangalore find it difficult to network with others because of time constraint. However, experts say that they should try to do it as much as possible. They should meet fellow students, seniors and teachers after the lectures and keep cordial relations with them. Know about their perception and expectations of the degree. Make groups and exchange ideas. Experts say that it is like an investment which will give returns in the career. Networking and personal relations play a pivotal role in the professional life. When people know you well, and they remember your capabilities, they will call you when there is an opportunity matching your capabilities.

Since you are in touch with them, they have your contact details. Remember, it is not a one-way process. The moment you have some awesome opportunity that one of your close friends is fit for, you dial his or her number. Since you know the strengths and weaknesses of the person, there is no element of surprise. Experts suggest that creating close networking groups are greatly beneficial in professional fields like MBA. Interpersonal relations have the potential of giving a great thrust to the career even if you have acquired a degree from one of the Prominent MBA colleges Bangalore.

It is quite beneficial to have a huge network of fellow students when one acquires the degree of MBA. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, you do not know what will be your career path and how well (or not so well) you will be positioned on the career graph. The networking will immensely help in grabbing brilliant career opportunities if you are struggling for success. If you are already successful and enjoying a key position in the organization, then the networking will bring good resources in the fleet. You will successfully bring some of the efficient people on board.

Social networking, the quick and easy tool

As compare to the earlier days, it is quite easy and handy to remain connected to the people. Thanks to the immense popularity of the social media, now you can keep in touch with as many people as you can. Not only web-based tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but handheld based tools like WhatsApp and Hike also keep everyone closely connected. You know what people are doing, what they have accomplished and what their existing work profile is? Thus, you tap the right resource at the right moment.

The prominent mba universities in Bangalore help the students all over India to mould their career in management field.

Getting an MBA degree opens new success avenues

Many people wonder about How MBA degree can increase the chances of getting employment? Well, it is a fact that management graduates are known for their deep understanding about business issues and an analytical ability along with strategic thinking. Undoubtedly, these are critical factors for success in the job market. That’s the reason MBA graduates have a respect and admiration. Their core competencies earn a special recognition among professionals. Their face value enhances further if they have a management degree from a reputed school. Every year thousands of students get admission to good quality management schools in anticipation of highly paid jobs.

What difference does a repute management school make?

First of all, you have a fleet of excellent teachers in a good quality management schools. Since there is always a pressure of being competitive, teachers try to inculcate the best knowledge and skills among pupils. A systematic training and application oriented approach develops strategic thinking and analytical abilities. When budding managers are taught about concepts that are related to practical implementation, they develop a deep insight about the subject covered. Business schools help management students achieving their career aspirations by offering in-depth theoretical knowledge and understanding of the subject. Rest all depends on dedication in practicing the skills.

Managing career after acquiring MBA degree

When you join a reputed institute for acquiring MBA degree, acquiring a good job becomes simple. There are career management teams comprising of career counselors and consultants. They have adequate industrial exposure and links to place students. Since it is a perpetual process, career management team partners the students in the whole process of job search. There are some critical steps in the whole process:

  • Career management team keeps contact with various industries. It takes a note of current and projected requirements so that recruitment officers can be contacted timely.
  • Special sessions are arranged for students to make them aware of modern trends and to prepare them from a futuristic point of view.
  • Students get selected into reputed companies through campus recruitment drives. HR managers and recruitment teams come to the campus and pick up eligible candidates by offering attractive packages.

In the modern competitive environment, MBA degree can increase the chances of getting employment in great companies to make the future bright. Undoubtedly, the degree from a reputed school of management is important, but it is further important that the career management team is efficient and enthusiastic. It approaches right recruiters at the right time to achieve the highest placement.

Getting a MBA degree in Bangalore has many good advantages as far as getting an employment is concerned.

Are Online MBA Programs only for working women/housewives?

Though online MBA degree programs lure a large number of people worldwide, critics label them as programs for working women or housewives. They are quite sarcastic and sardonic about it. Are these programs really worthless? Do they offer just a degree without much relevance of it? Is it incredibly easy to obtain a Master’s degree through an online program? Or it is just a shortcut to get promotion or salary hike in the company? As a matter of fact, there is no sense in any of the doubts mentioned above. Rather, it is a convenient way of earning a professional degree for those who can’t attend regular classes.

Are these courses authentic and valid?

Some people raise questions about their validity and authenticity. Some feel that organizations do not give sufficient importance to an online MBA degree program, and there is always an inferior treatment to candidates while taking on-board. However, there is no truth in these statements. On the contrary, there are a few universities or business schools that have very high respect and recognition. Students passed out from such institutes are considered higher in terms of knowledge and skills. There is a great potential in students passing out from these unconventional colleges, and they come off with flying colors in professional life.

Online MBA: The modus operandi

Just like a conventional degree program, search for a good quality inline degree course starts with comparing various institutes. Quality of study material, convenience of examination/assignments, quality of the online presence, and fees structure are some important aspects. It is very much important that the institute you are opting for has an examination center in the town. Though the exam is conducted over the Internet, it is not available on public domain. Schedule of classes should be flexible and adjustable. Assignment submission in pdf form saves from the hassles of sending handwritten pages through courier. Check for a local classroom facility, if it is available in your town.

It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea!

One thing is quite clear that an online MBA degree is not a shortcut or easy method of acquiring a degree in management. It is equally tough and intricate. Some students find it difficult because there is no one-to-one interaction with teachers. Some miss the classroom environment, group studies, and college canteen. Hence, it is important to think about individual temperament and liking before filling in the admission form.

To get admission in MBA colleges you need to have eligibility like age, minimum percentage score in bachelor’s degree etc. Online MBA programs are best for those who can’t go to regular colleges.

Why one should enroll for an online MBA degree

An MBA or Master of Business Administration degree is considered to be among the most sought after career programs that are available today. As there is now an increased demand for skilled, business savvy young men and women to handle various facets of trading and business within domestic as well as international territories, the demand for MBA holders have increased manifold in the recent years.

If you are a person who aims to further develop in his or her career by getting an MBA degree but find it difficult to attain regular classes due to your regular work and domestic responsibilities, then an online MBA degree can be just the perfect thing for you. Whether pursued from an institution in India or abroad, an online MBA program can help one exponentially to further his or her career prospects. The most important advantage of getting enrolled in an online MBA program is that it does not require a person to leave his or her job. This means that while a person is completing the MBA program, he or she also has the work experience in a professional environment that can help to further his or her career prospects.

An online MBA degree is also suitable for someone who always wanted to study abroad. So if you have been keen to pursue your education from an international institution, getting enrolled in online MBA programs can allow you to do just that. Moreover, as online degrees do not require the usage of infrastructure that is associated with attending regular classes, these programs cost much less than their conventional counterparts. For this reason, one can complete their MBA courses without burning holes in their pockets.

There are numerous educational institutions in India and abroad offering online MBA degrees on a number of subjects, such as human resources, IT, accounting and marketing. When it comes to choosing online MBA degrees, school accreditation plays a vital part. Proper accreditation is important to distinguish between a program that can get recognized everywhere to one that is not really worth the effort. Three types of accreditation are commonly associated with the online MBA education – distance learning accreditation, personal accreditation and regional accreditation. While the distance learning accreditation might not receive universal acceptance, the regional accreditation can be one of the best means to get an online MBA degree. A personal accreditation really makes an online MBA degree stand out.

For pursuing MBA education in Bangalore, there are many MBA colleges in city, but IAME is one of the top business schools in Bangalore.