Why do working people prefer Post graduate program in management?

It has been quite a long time one year Post graduate program in management is available in India. It started in 2001 by ISB and very soon it became the most selling program because of its high utility and short duration. The majority of institutes run it along with the conventional two-year regular program. Some people feel that the course doesn’t cover salient aspects of management because of its short duration. However, in reality it is more comprehensive, crisp, and smart program. That is the reason business executives prefer it over full-time or even executive MBA program which is a part-time course. Today, many organizations grant one-year educational leave and send their top officials for this program.

The critical difference between executive MBA and this program

Firstly, one-year Post graduate program in management is a full-time course whereas an executive MBA program is a part-time one. Secondly, this program gets completed in one year while the other takes two or more years depending on course pattern. Admission to one-year full-time program also requires the experience of at least five years. Hence, many people get confused it with executive course. Nevertheless, there is no doubt about the authority of the course. The objective of a business management course is to sharpen the existing skills so that people can apply it in the real-life situations. Since people who join the course are already working in organizations and handling big responsibilities, they do not find any difficulty in grasping the concepts offered by this program. The course develops and enhances the existing capabilities among pupils and prepares them for further challenging responsibilities and bigger roles. With a comprehensive and well-defined curriculum and practice-oriented study pattern, the course is highly effective.

Many people prefer this high-ranked course today

The popularity and success of the one-year program forces every institute to start it for the benefit of working professionals. There is a fierce competition for attracting the best business executives for the program. As per available information, the course has been ranked as Top 11 in the world. It is an impressive ranking. No doubt, every good institute launches it as one of the prime attractions. The course offers a fantastic launch pad for those who have been leading the teams successfully without a formal business management qualification. One-year Post graduate program in management adds a great value to professional career. That is the reason it is the most selling program.

There are numerous colleges for post graduate program in Bangalore. These institutes offer this course in different disciplines.

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